What is it ?

Created in the 70s by Greg Glassman, CrossFit® is a sport practice that works the body as a whole by mixing strength exercises, weightlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular exercises.

Based on the natural movements of the body (jumping, pushing, pulling, lifting …) carried out according to different speeds and intensities, the various trainings solicit the different metabolic pathways of your body, allowing a complete training.

Spread mainly in the United States, CrossFit® is developing and taking its place worldwide.

The Crossfit® is for everyone

And it is suitable for everyone, whatever your level, whether you are a man or a woman. It even fits children with CrossFit® Kids as well as teenagers with CrossFit® Teens. So why not you ?

But I’m not strong enough.
Nobody is at its beginning. We always start at his level until we get better. Whether it is heavy lifting or not, it does not matter. There is no need to be in the physical condition of a great athlete to start.

But I am too old.
You will be happy to learn that a Master category exists and that it extends to 60 years and over. And as CrossFit® adapts to everyone, you will have no trouble making movements. You will gain in endurance, improve your fitness and cardiovascular, while developing your strength.

But it’s a sport for men and I do not want to become one.
Ladies, you will never be a physical unless you undergo an operation. As for these very muscular women that you imagine becoming, know that you are far from the account, unless you are a great competitor who trains at very high intensity.

The benefits of CrossFit® on your body

  • Weightloss

  • Physical fitness

  • Firming of the body

  • Development of your cardiovascular and respiratory system

  • Development of your mobility, your flexibility, your cladding
    Etc …

    But not only :

    At each session, you go overboard, go forward and become stronger psychologically, boosting your self-confidence.
    CrossFit® is getting into a community. A family that helps and encourages each other. It is together that we advance and we take pleasure in training.


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